End-of-year loan

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum loanable amount: 500,000 CFAF
  • Repayment term: 4 months with a possibility for the customer to repay in advance
  • Repayment period: From December to May 2015.
  • Monthly interest rate: 1.18%
  • Transferable portion (maximum portion of the salary that can be retained): 33% of net earnings (after deduction of other levies).
  • Insurance premium: 1% of the amount (capital+ interests).

  Conditions for eligibility

  • Be the holder of a CAMPOST Giro account (postal current account) supplied monthly through salary or pension transfer at regular and constant dates
  • Provide proof of monthly income (salary or pension) at least equal to 30,000 CFAF (after deduction of other levies).
  • Be aged no more than 74 years

  Conditions for granting loan

  The eligible customer for "CAMPOST year-end" loan must meet the following conditions:

  • Financial conditions: (fees withheld when setting up the loan)
  • File processing and set-up costs: 10% of the loan amount with a minimum of 10,000 CFAF and a maximum of 30,000 CFAF
  • Insurance premium: 1% of the amount or 6% for customers from 65 to 69 years.

  Frenquency of "CAMPOST year-end" loan

The year-end loan is available from 1st November to 31st January.

  Composition of the application file

  Please go to the nearest post office


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