Travel Insurance

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      Introduction to the product

Campost Travel is a property and casualty insurance taken out with CAMPOST by any customer wishing to travel abroad. This insurance is compulsory for some destinations and is also one of the necessary procedures for obtaining the visa. This insurance product guarantees the following to the subscriber:

     -       Medical assistance: these are necessary costs for medical assistance or first aid

         -       Medical transportation: these are transportation costs for a sick/injured person or a woman in labour, for reasons of care or diagnostic on medical prescription or in case of medical emergency, carried out through land, sea and air transportation modes that are specially tailored to this purpose.

         -       The repatriation of the body in case of death: This guarantee enables to cover costs relating to the repatriation of the body or ashes of the insured from the country of transit or destination to the country of origin

         -       Baggage research expenses: these are research costs of luggage lost by the traveler

              -         Advance bail money: this is the payment to judicial authorities of the bond required to free the traveler if he/she is subject to legal proceedings.


          Premium to be paid

  The premium to be paid depends on:

             -         Destination (zone 1: Africa, Europe, Middle East; zone 2: the rest of the World)

             -         Age (Range 1: 0 to 18 years;   Range 2: 19 to 69 years; Range 3: 70 to 75 years)

   Subscription conditions

-             -  Have a valid passport

-            - Complete the subscription form

-           - Pay one’s premium

  Marketing Network

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  •         Douala: Bonanjo Post Office, NEW BELL Post Office, AKWA Post Office, BASSA Post Office, Deido Post Office


Tél: 222 50 00 70 00



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