Provident Insurance

Product Overview

Campost provident Insurance is a life insurance taken out with CAMPOST by Giro Account (CCP) customers. This insurance product guarantees the following to the subscriber:

  • The payment of a capital to the insured himself/herself in case of absolute and permanent disability;
  • The payment of a capital to his/her beneficiary (ies) designated in the contract (policy) in case of the subscriber’s death. 

Guaranteed Capital

In case of the absolute and permanent disability or death of the CCP customer, a capital is paid back to the rightful owners based on the selected premium: 

  • 200,000 CFAF for a premium of 2,000 CFAF/ year ;
  • 500,000 CFAF for a premium of 5,000 CFAF/ year ;
  • 1,000,000 CFAF for a premium of 10,000 CFAF/ year ;

Subscription conditions

  • Be a holder of CCP account
  • Be at least 18 years old and no mor e than 64 years old when subscribing.
  • complete and sign the suscription sheet

Marketing network

  • Yaoundé: Central Post Office, Avenue Foch, MESSA, BIYEM ASSI and CAMTEL Post Office;
  • Douala:  Bonanjo, NEW BELL, AKWA, Bassa, Deido
  • Bafoussam, Bamenda, Bertoua and Ebolowa main post offices 
  • CAMPOST Head office: Door 406 Bis (only for CAMPOST employees) 
  • The entire CAMPOST network since January 2015


Tél : 222 50 70 00

Email :


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