Special 2015 University Games


The crowd seemed almost endless at CAMPOST stands during the 2015 University games. The reason was that the Cameroon Postal Services offered 50,000 CFAF scholarships during the 18th edition of University Games organized at Yaounde I University.

The competition entitled ''Special 2015 University Games'' focused on the knowledge of CAMPOST by the students. From 24 to 31 May 2015, academics and people from various regions of Cameroon tested their knowledge and tried their luck by filling tombola forms at CAMPOST stands and online (on the website). The tombola had to do with a multiple choice question about the definition of CAMPOST.

The first phase of the game consisted of filling in all the required fields and ticking the right answer, which was: “CAMPOST meansCameroon Postal Services’”. Then, the second phase was the raffle draw. The atmosphere was friendly, all done in good spirit. Even Campost team succeeded in fitting in this euphoric and festive universe by wearing jeans, t-shirt or polo according to the taste of the day.

CAMPOST left its mark in hearts and minds by enhancing its visibility. Indeed, Commercial and Marketing teams filled their address books and made good   business. Among the most successful products, Melo and EMS were at the forefront. As for the Post Office Box, Postal Savings and Giro Accounts, many promises have been made.

The public really appreciated the warmth conveyed by the Cameroon Postal services during this event. Young people were strolling between the two Campost stands located in front of Yaounde 8 Post Office and the Games Village at the Mateko stadium. They were looking for CAMPOST beautiful gadgets. In fact, the news spread like wildfire that Campost was distributing various gadgets (t-shirts, pens, shopping bags, CAMPOST Magazine) and many lucky youths went back home with a small souvenir. They are looking forward to seeing CAMPOST again during the next University games at Yaounde II. 

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