It is with great fanfare that the Cameroon Postal Services welcomed its winners on 10 June 2015.

Indeed, the two winners of the ''Special 2015 University Games'' competition were under the spotlight during the prestigious ceremony held at CAMPOST Head Office.

Marie Blanche MBOUANDJE, a student in Psychology at the University of Yaoundé I and Didier Andre BIYONG, a student of the Faculty Arts and Human Sciences, studying Bilingual Letters, received their prizes from the General Manager of CAMPOST, Frederic FENNI.

As promised, the prizes included savings books with the sum of 50,000 CFA francs, Campost pens, notebooks, T-shirts, polo shirts and shopping bags.

This wonderfully colourful ceremony witnessed the presence of various media, journalists, photographers and cameramen who paid close attention to what was happening.

This event was also the occasion to reveal the prizewinners of the Post office boxes raffle organized from 15 January to 15 March 2015.

Reminder of the 'Post Office boxes’ raffle principle

Any new subscription or renewal of subscription for a Post office box entitled its owner to obtain a raffle ticket. These tickets were kept in the various CAMPOST Regional delegations and, later on, forwarded to the Head Office building in sealed ballot boxes. On 10 June 2015, they were opened in the presence of Barrister Alain NGONGANG, bailiff.

Thus, three categories of winners have been drawn by lot by CAMPOST hostesses:

Five free annual subscriptions for Post office boxes

ACR SERVICES, P.O. Box: 30584 in Yaounde 13

EDZOA ESSOUMA GUY YANNICK P.O. Box: 17557 in Yaounde, Etetak

AGBOR TATDU, P.O. Box: 9104 in Douala

LYCEE TCHATIBALI, P.O. Box: 24 in Tchatibali

BETCHE, P.O. Box: 632 in Maroua

Three lots for mail collection/delivery twice a month

ALH SAÏDOU, P.O. Box: 324 in Maroua

ZOA MODO, P.O. Box: 08 in Kye-Ossi

MAMADOU BAKO, P.O. Box: 265 in Garoua

Two SMS alerts for mail every week for a year

CAF, P.O. Box: 7380 in Yaounde

SEDEMI SA, P.O. Box: 95

That's all for now, but it is not yet finished. CAMPOST will soon be back with more surprises...

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