CAMPOST mobilized visitors during the 2016 University Games


Along the side road to the University of Yaounde II, Soa, one immediately noticed the CAMPOST banner “Welcome to the 19th edition of the University Games”. Right at the campus main entrance, the smile and charm of CAMPOST hostesses and staff welcomed visitors. This was the prevailing atmosphere during the 8 days of the University Games.

8 days of intense activities during which CAMPOST asserted its presence. Crowds jostled around the two stands: one at the University entrance and the other one in the Games Village. In fact, students flocked to participate in the raffle organized by Campost. This raffle aimed at enhancing public knowledge on the MELO product. The issue was to choose the correct answer among the three proposals on the question: “What is the meaning of MELO”. The right choice was: “Local Express Money Order”.

In order to stick MELO in students’ minds, Yaounde II University and ENSPT fans’ club performed the ‘MELO dance’ in front of the two stands, followed by the crowd and CAMPOST staff with some dance moves.

A special University Games quiz was also organized on CAMPOST website during that period which attracted, among others, students, athletes and teachers…

The 19th edition of the University Games was an occasion for Campost employees, wearing their jeans and T-shirts stamped “CAMPOST, partner of the 2016 University games”, to present the products and services of the company. An appointment is made for the next edition at the University of Bamenda, in the Northwest region in 12 months.

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