CAMPOST décroche un partenariat commercial avec ECOBANK. La Banque panafricaine se connecte à la plateforme d’agrégation des communications électroniques (NPSI) pilotée par la CAMPOST. Les deux structures ont signé une convention, ce 14 juin 2021 dans la salle des actes de la Direction Générale de la CAMPOST.

Cet accord a abouti sur une cérémonie officielle présidée par La Ministre des Postes et Télécommunications Madame LIBOM LI LIKENG Minette qui a apprécié l’évolution de la Cameroon Postal services dans le développement de l’économie numérique au Cameroun.

Le #237# unifié se présente désormais comme la solution idéale pour atteindre un panel de clients sur l’étendue du territoire national. Une opportunité tant sur le plan de la gouvernance pour une transparence et traçabilité des transactions financières, aussi il rend possible l’interopérabilité entre les différents réseaux au Cameroun.

La digitalisation des services, la réduction de la fracture du numérique, l’accès illimité aux sources d’informations, la création des lieux de marchés d’utilité publique, sont entre autres des fonctionnalités dont regorgent le NPSI.

Ce système de switch de la CAMPOST est hautement sécurisé rassure le chef de projet Felix SUMBELE : « CAMPOST a pris toutes les dispositions possibles pour garantir fiabilité et sécurité de cette plateforme »

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Une lueur d’espoir pour les élèves et parents du Cameroun. CAMPOST se positionne désormais comme le facilitateur de l’acheminement des manuels scolaires sur l’ensemble du territoire national.

IMG 1167

Le CAMO (Campost Mobile Money) sera désormais distribué à travers le réseau Express exchange du Cameroun. Cette résolution vient de l’accord de partenariat qu’ont conjointement signé d’une part Pierre KALDADAK, le Directeur Général de la CAMPOST et d’autre part, Xavier TAKAM l’administrateur principal d’Express Exchange. La signature de ce contrat s’est déroulée ce 22 février 2019 sur son stand d’exposition au salon PROMOTE abrité par le palais des Congrès de Yaoundé.

Par cet accord, la microfinance s’engage à garantir la distribution des services que propose la plateforme électronique CAMO. Ce sont entre autres : le « cash in » et « cash out », le paiement de factures, le transfert d’argent, les micro-crédits, l’achat de airtime, etc.

A travers ce nouveau partenariat, la CAMPOST continue sa marche vers le développement de l’inclusion financière et la révolution du marché du mobile Banking au Cameroun.

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Along the side road to the University of Yaounde II, Soa, one immediately noticed the CAMPOST banner “Welcome to the 19th edition of the University Games”. Right at the campus main entrance, the smile and charm of CAMPOST hostesses and staff welcomed visitors. This was the prevailing atmosphere during the 8 days of the University Games.

8 days of intense activities during which CAMPOST asserted its presence. Crowds jostled around the two stands: one at the University entrance and the other one in the Games Village. In fact, students flocked to participate in the raffle organized by Campost. This raffle aimed at enhancing public knowledge on the MELO product. The issue was to choose the correct answer among the three proposals on the question: “What is the meaning of MELO”. The right choice was: “Local Express Money Order”.

In order to stick MELO in students’ minds, Yaounde II University and ENSPT fans’ club performed the ‘MELO dance’ in front of the two stands, followed by the crowd and CAMPOST staff with some dance moves.

A special University Games quiz was also organized on CAMPOST website during that period which attracted, among others, students, athletes and teachers…

The 19th edition of the University Games was an occasion for Campost employees, wearing their jeans and T-shirts stamped “CAMPOST, partner of the 2016 University games”, to present the products and services of the company. An appointment is made for the next edition at the University of Bamenda, in the Northwest region in 12 months.

CAMPOST won for the second consecutive time the trophy of the best e-commerce logistics solution in Cameroon, in competition with two other mail and parcels delivery companies. It was during the closing ceremony of the 3rd edition of the African e-commerce and e-payment trade fair which took place from 11 to 13 May 2016 in Douala.

Three days of intense work which enabled CAMPOST to assert its presence on the online sales market. Many visitors,most of whom were sellers, flocked to CAMPOST stand decorated in bleu-yellow-black colors in search of a partner for the transportation of their goods.

On 11 May 2016, CAMPOST filled the room during its talk apero, by presenting to the large audience, its service offer relating to e –commerce in Cameroon. The presentation was made by Mr. Frederic FENNI, CAMPOST General Manager. The speaker highlighted the advantages of e-commerce for the company, which witnessed in 2015, an increase in its turnover and the volume of mail and parcels handling. As a result, CAMPOST ensures the routeing of e-commerce products and the cash on delivery solution or payment in delivery. Several laudatory testimonies from e-traders who have confidence in CAMPOST strengthen the following statement of Mr. Frederic FENNI: “CAMPOST is the No.1 facilitator of e-commerce in Cameroon”.

The “Mountain of the Gods” race or Mount Cameroon race renamed “Race of Hope” witnessed an unprecedented success this year in Buea, the Southwest region. In fact, besides over five hundred athletes from the ten regions of Cameroon and abroad, dozens of sponsors, patrons and companies were present and eager to show their know-how by highlighting their products and services.

CAMPOST was present along the path, very remarkable by its banners which were fluttering in the wind since the eve of the race and the road show animated by its local sales team early in the morning of February 27. The road show was strengthened by a group of sales agents from Douala and Yaounde on board a pick-up equipped with sound systems and decorated in “blue-yellow’’ colours of the company.

Thus, the public was able to discover CAMPOST products such as EMS (Express Mail service), MELO (Local Money Order) or MEI (International Money Order). Many visitors promised to stop by Buea, Limbe and Molyko Post offices as early as Monday.

In a bid of mixing business with pleasure, CAMPOST team invited some tourists to visit the first Post office of Cameroon established in 1902 and located near the Reunification Monument in Buea.


CAMPOST and UBA signed partnership agreements during a ceremony held on 14 April 2016 at CAMPOST Head Office in Yaoundé. The ceremony of about thirty minutes was marked by the successive speeches of the two General Managers, Messrs Frédéric FENNI and ISONG UDOM. It was in the presence of financial sector professionals from the Cameroon Postal Services and the United Bank For Africa.

Through this collaboration, CAMPOST and UBA, are investing hand in hand in e-banking development and financial inclusion with services tailored to the needs of low-income customers.

In perspective, CAMPOST customers will be provided with prepaid VISA cards …


The Senior Inspector of Posts and Telecommunications has been appointed on Wednesday 7th July 2016

The announcement was made by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette LIBOM LI LIKENG, during an extraordinary Board of Directors meeting. This appointment officially puts an end to the Assistance Agreement binding the state of Cameroon and SOFREPOST, a subsidiary of LAPOSTE group, a French company that has been managing Campost since 2010.

Before his appointment, Pierre KALDADAK, 48-year-old Senior Inspector, born in Koza, in the Far North Region, was Head of Division for Inspections and Control of Public Institutions and Specific Bodies at the Supreme State Audit Office.

The top priority of the new GM is to build confidence with customers and trust within the company. Mrs. LIBOM LI LIKENG also mentioned that it was time for Cameroonians to get back to saving and carry out financial operations at CAMPOST like in the old days. “CAMPOST must be a performing company to the State and users,” she pointed out.

The Minister did not fail to thank the acting team coordinated by the Deputy General Manager, Mr. NANA YOMBA, since 2 June 2016, the date when SOFREPOST left after the Agreement with the state of Cameroon expired. It is worth recalling that Sofrepost Contract had been renewed 2 times: 2012 and 2014. The acting team certainly had a limited scope, but it succeeded in keeping the company on track.

Currently, CAMPOST made a prominent entrance in the digital economy with innovative services which could generate more jobs and income. All this gives hope for a promising future. Good luck to the new GM!


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