CAMPOST videoconferencing solution is the essentialremote communication tool for your presentations, your conferences with partners, your internal workingmeetings and your trainings.

It is a real alternative to the physical displacementof staff forenterprises and administrations which have urban, rural or international branches (agencies).


  • High quality roomswith quality video, Hi-Fi sound and a well-studiedenvironment: lighting, acoustic aspects, etc.
  • A personalized system which uses dedicated terminals equipped with a LCD screen  or small videophones;
  • A network of rooms connected to the10 Chief towns of regions in Cameroon, three(03) sites in Yaounde and two (02) in Douala;
  • A solution that suits your needs and technical constraints in integrated, controlled or cloudmode. Our videoconferencingsolutions are interoperable and upgradable (Huawei), compatible with most existing and futureterminalsmarkets
  • Aneasy-to-usesolutionby collaborators which ensures a high rate of adoption. We collaborate with you to design, prior to the start of the project, a supportprocess to change;
  • An easy maintenance for teams if software versions are regularly and automatically updated.

Two ways of having access to the videoconferencing solution:

  • Book a time slot in the videoconference rooms located at CAMPOST premises and benefit from installations without additional investment;
  • Ask CAMPOST to install videoconference rooms directly in your premises. For that, we need to extend our private network to your sites and install the screens. Your network will then be entirely dedicated to you.


With the videoconferencing solution, you have the guarantee of great stability and reliability of the connection and you can:

  • Save time and increaseresponsiveness;
  • Reduce response and follow-up times;
  • Reduce travel costs and increase productivity;
  • Modernize your company’s image;
  • Achievea betterbalance between professional and private life;
  • Benefit froma state-of-the-artcommunication tool without heavy investment.

Tel: 222 50 00 70 00



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