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CAMPOST parcels and ordinary mail delivery Standards in 2015 at the national level


Links Deadline Percentage
Douala city and periphery D 98%
Yaoundecity and periphery D 98%
Yaounde, Douala, Bafoussaminter-urban  D +2 96%
Intra-region D +2 96%
7 regions towards Yaounde, Douala and Bafoussam cities D +3 90%
Intra-region (except above inter-urban) D +5 96%

CAMPOST EMS mail delivery standards in 2015 at the national level

Links Deadline Percentage
In each Chief town of region D 99%
Yaounde, Douala, Bafoussam, Bamenda and Bueainter-urban D +1 98%
Intra-region D +2 98%
Inter-regions D +4 98%


Links Deadline
Douala - Paris 48 hours
Douala - London 48 hours
Douala – other European capitals 72 hours


CAMPOST ordinary mail delivery Standards in 2014 at the national level:

Links Deadline Percentage
Douala city and periphery D 95%
Yaounde city and periphery D 95%
Yaounde, Douala, Bafoussaminter-urban  D +2 95%
Intra-region D +2 90%
7 regions towards Yaounde, Douala and Bafoussam cities D +3 88%
Inter-regions (except above inter-urban) D +5 95%


Our performances relating to ordinary mail delivery deadline in 2014

Links Deadline Percentage
Douala city and periphery D 93%
Yaoundecity and periphery D 95%
Yaounde - Douala, Douala-Yaounde inter-urban D +2 100%
Yaounde – Bafoussam, Bafoussam-Yaounde inter-urban D +2 90%
Douala – Bafoussam, Bafoussam-Doualainter-urban D +2 86%
Intra-region D +2 97%
7 regions towards Yaoundecity D +3 99%
7 regions towards Douala city D +3 67%
7 regions towards Bafoussam city D +3 96%
Inter-regions (except above inter-urban) D +5 94%

The second edition of Afrikebiz, the e-commerce trade fair, was held at the headquarters of GICAM in Douala from 14 to 17 April 2015 and CAMPOST actively took part in the event.

April 17 was the day of glory for CAMPOST. Indeed, what had been intended as a trial run proved to be a great success for CAMPOST which received the trophy ofthe 2014 best logistics partnerduring the gala eveningmarking the end ofthe trade fair.

The well-deserved award, according to the participants, came as the result of the demonstration of CAMPOST expertise in this field on 16 April, the day that was dedicated to it. CAMPOST senior officials, led by the General Manager, Mr.Frederic FENNI, enlightened the general publicon the contribution of the Cameroon Postal Services in promotingthe e-commerce in Cameroon and the means put in placeby CAMPOST to supporte-retailers.

CAMPOST had displayed animpressive machineryoutside the conference roomin order to maximize the chancesto increase its visibility, especially an inflatable tent branded with the colours and logo of the company. Many visitors and image hunters were rushing...

The second edition of e-commercehas already ended. So let us meet for the next edition in 2016.

I am nominated

A nomination

CAMPOST was awarded the Silver Certification diploma, level "B" of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) on 30 April 2015 in Bern (Switzerland). It thus becomes, for the second time, the first Postal Company with Quality Certification in Central and West francophone Africa.

It was during a plenary session of the Postal Operations Council that the award was handed by the General Manager of UPU, Mr. Bishar A. HUSSEIN. The General Manager of CAMPOST, Mr. Frederic FENNI, was represented by Mrs. Regine MAVIAN, the Head of Quality of Service at CAMPOST.

This award measures the performance of Designated Operators (postal companies) and management structures in the area of mail service quality.

For instance, here are our standards as regards routing times of mail delivery:

At the national level

  • 24 hours in Yaounde, Douala and Bafoussam cities;
  • 48 hours in interurbanbetween Yaounde-Douala-Bafoussam;
  • 72 hours for other capitals in the region;

At the international level

  • 48 hours to France and Great Britain
  • 72 hours for other European capitals


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